Unit 1 – Geography Unit: How Does Our Geography Help Define Who We Are As Canadians?

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world, yet has the lowest population as well, having a 0.04% chance of actually living here! The geography of this large country may also define who we are as Canadians. As Canadians, or “westerners,” we all look fairly healthy compared to many third world countries, and the only thing killing us in Canada would either be cancer, obesity, or any killing. This is because the climate here is mild, where much diseases are not present, compared to countries in the tropics (Make Wealth History, 2014, paragraph 1).

People who are from different countries will most likely associate Canada with hockey. Hockey is one of Canada’s national sports, as well as it originating here. This is because we are very far north, which means the temperature is much lower, most notably in the winter. Provided we have many bodies of water, the great lakes being the most obvious, these lakes will freeze over, essentially creating a public ice rink. Some people also spray an area with water and skate on that when it freezes. Speaking of water, did you know Canada has over 2 Million lakes, making up 7% of the land (YourCanada, Geography, 2014, paragraph 2)? As a result of this, I would not be surprised if someone were to want to build a lakeside house, where it is peaceful and quiet. People who have lived in peaceful and quiet residents must be very relaxed and kind, which is why most Canadians aren’t known for being very disruptive and threatening. Another reason is our friendliness, as there are many stereotypes about Canadians being polite and, of course, saying sorry even if it is not that person’s fault. I think this is the case because of our low population as well. Since there is not as much people, neighbourhoods can be quite small, which might result in people eventually taking time to talk with everyone around them, becoming very comfortable around them. I guess they got used to talking with strangers and getting to know them, hence our friendliness!

The geography would also determine where you want to live and  what job you would want to take. If you would happen to live in Northern Canada, it would most likely be the case because the job you or your parents are taking can be possible even in such cold weather. If you live in Southern Canada, the temperature is nice and warm compared to Northern Canada. The only drawback is how there are lots of factories in Southern Canada since it is more urbanized. Along with many more pollutants coming up from United States, this would be a big problem for some people who do not tolerate this kind of environment (How Does Geography Impact Where We Live in Canada, 2014).While there are many more reasons why Canada’s geography helps define who we are, you can, for sure, know that these examples are definitely not bad impressions, which is why I think we should be proud of who we are and where we live!


Above: City of Vancouver, B.C.

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